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We support and provide encouragement to every person, helping them to achieve their potential through meaningful activities.

What we do at Walton Lea Partnership

The Walton Lea Partnership provides a variety of activities and learning
opportunities across our two sites at Walton Lea Victorian Walled Garden and
Walton Gardens Conservatory Range.

We support and provide encouragement to every person, helping them to
achieve their potential through meaningful activities.

We work hard to create an atmosphere of trust and support.

While many of these can be described as ‘horticulture’ because they involve
plant care and propagation, others can be viewed as strongly connected to
‘garden’ activities because they take place in and around the garden or serve to
enhance the aesthetic appeal of the garden or its access or maintenance.

Indeed, the creation, cultivation, decoration and maintenance of a garden space
involves many different tasks – landscaping, woodwork, florists and crafts – in
addition to planting and plant care.

Other activities have evolved as a result of supported learner wishes, interests
or needs, for example access to study and develop newsletter and photography
groups as a result of the expertise of your support workers.

Further to this, we have implemented Bicycle Recycling and Furniture
Up-cycling initiatives, projects that clearly deliver sustainability attributes that
support social and environmental issues.

We have eight social enterprises including: Horticulture, Woodwork, Furniture
Upcycling, Bicycle Recycling, Arts & Crafts and Media.

Our Social Enterprises


Horticulture plays a huge role at Walton Lea and
with the help of support staff and volunteers our
supported learners work hard maintaining the
walled garden and grow and care for plants from
seed to sale.


A great opportunity to develop a range of practical skills from various tasks, for example garden seats, planters, garden art, bug hotels, bird, bat and hedgehog boxes.


The environmentally friendly activity of up-cycling furniture and giving it a new life encourages the development of many skills.


Our team rejuvenate a range of bicycles in our refurbishment workshop as part of a team developing technical skills and  knowledge.


Creating crafts develops awareness of the creative process, art skills, printmaking and other mixed media.


Our media team was recently created as a result of our supported learner wishes, digital cameras were bought and a video camera for producing our own promotional videos.