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Empowering young people and
vulnerable adults with learning

Through programmes of supported learning

We provide supported learning,  development and supported work  activities for vulnerable adults and young people with learning disabilties

Supported learning opportunities

We are a registered charity providing a variety of activities and supported
learning opportunities for adults and young people with learning disabilities
and complications caused by:

• Autistic Spectrum Disorder

• Mental health challenges

• Mobility difficulties

• Early on-set dementia

• Syndromes including Downs, Fragile X and Williams

• Social exclusion

We create a caring and friendly atmosphere where all our learners are
treated with dignity and respect, where they are able to fulfil their
potential and are encouraged to socially integrate and participate.


“Our purpose is to make a real and lasting difference for everyone we support.”



Welcome to Walton Lea Partnership

We are a registered charity providing supported learning, development and
supported work activities for adults and young people with learning disabilities.

We have eight social enterprises including: retail, horticulture, woodwork,
floristry, recycling donated furniture and recycling bikes, craft work and our
recently created media department-.
Some people come for one day a week whilst others are with us between
Monday and Friday. Everything that we make, grow or up-cycle is sold to
support the Charity.