A Huge Thank You

A huge thank you to everyone who supported us at the Co-op Dudlow Green & Stockton Heath for choosing our fabulous charity when using your Co-op card! You raised over £2000 for us – Thank You!!!!!  

Our learners “brushed up’ their knowledge in time for Remembrance Sunday

Yesterday, a group of our learners “brushed up’ their knowledge in time for Remembrance Sunday by clearing leaves at the cenotaph in Lower Walton. We have researched how the red poppy is a symbol of remembrance and hope which grew on the battlefields after the war, whilst the purple poppy is to remember the animal […]

The Biggest Bug Hotel in Warrington!

Eight weeks ago, we accepted the challenge from Zookeeper Peter Cookson-Dean to build a giant Bug Hotel for the Children’s Zoo at Walton Hall and Gardens. Today, we successfully handed over the gigantic new home, filled with cones, bark, twigs, wood, moss and other natural materials. This will become a snug and warm home for […]

Gardening Tips and Tricks – We had a loofa-tastic time!

Our horticulture adventure with loofahs has been nothing short of a tropical rollercoaster!  We embarked on this journey armed with green thumbs and a curiosity as big as our sunflowers.  And let me tell you, loofahs are the best-kept secret of the plant world.  Who would’ve thought these scrubby shower companions were once living it […]

Our Amazing Learners

Here at Walton Lea we don’t waste anything, our learners decided to give our surplus homegrown vegetables to our local Warrington Foodbank. Our team picked fresh produce from our garden Michael took along the first pumpkin picked this year which he had grown from seeds saved from last year.